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Title: Interior courtyard in the Marquis de Vendaña¿s house
Publisher: Imprenta de Jaime Jepus Roviralta, Barcelona
Description: Author of the book: Juan Mañe y Flaquer. Numbering of the engraving in the book: nº12. Autographed. "... the Cuchilleria, which is one of the most characteristic streets because of the numerous impressive buildings that enhance it, among which I should point out [...] the Marchioness of Vendañás house [...] that Mr. Becerro talks about in his description of Vitoria, which has an unusual interior courtyard..."
Physical description: 1 11 x 8 cm engraving on a 34 x 25 cm page
Issue Date: 1879
Publication: Museo Zumalakarregi Museoa
Appears in Collections:Prints XIX century album

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