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Title: [A gang of thieves plotting to undermine Zumalakarregís reputation, the military and political governor in Ferrol]
Publisher: Imprenta de la Sociedad de Operarios del mismo Arte, Madrid
Description: Luxury edition (by instalments), with engravings, edited by José Vallejo. Autographed. Author of the book: Francisco de Paula Madrazo. "And as it were for these concealed villains [thieves] a matter of life or death if Zumalacárregui were to remain in Ferrol and continue to hold the posts of military and political governer, they tried to undermine [his] reputation by every possible means"
Physical description: 1 7 x 10 cm engraving on a 25 x 17 cm page
Issue Date: 1844
Publication: Museo Zumalakarregi Museoa
Appears in Collections:Prints XIX century album

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