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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
General don Joaquín Elio1873General Joaquin ElíoUrrabieta Ortiz, Vicente [atribución]
General don Narciso López, el1845General Narciso Lopez-
General Ezpeleta, el1886General Ezpeleta-
General González Moreno, el1842General Gonzalez Moreno-
General Irujo1844General IrujoPetit de Meurville, Didier
General la Hera, el1845General la HeraGomez, A[ntoni]o
General Moreno, el1837G[ener]al MorenoMagués, M. Isidore
General Oraa, el1845General Oraa-
General Pardiñas, el1845General Pardiñas-
General Pavía, el1845General Pavia-
General Polo1840General PoloPetit de Meurville, Didier
General Quesada, el1902General QuesadaPassos, J.
General Soult, el1902General SoultPassos, J.
General Tello, el1886General TelloBadillo
General Txurruka1879General ChurrucaEriz
General Ulibarri1872General UlibarriGimenez
General Uranga1837G[ener]al UrangaMagués, M. Isidore
General Valdés, el1902General ValdésPassos, J.
General Vargas1842General VargasPetit de Meurville, Didier
General Wan-Halen (don Antonio), el1845General (Antonio) Wan-Halen-